Fitness is a Lifestyle

First post to the HKIS 2020/2021 Track Squad:

Runners, Throwers & Jumpers,

What an epic first session! We are now 85 members strong. With your help, we’re hoping to build something very special. Thanks for your energy, positivity & smile.

Sprinters, throwers & jumpers, today you had the opportunity to mix it up. As long as you have the right attitude, we’re keen to encourage you to try different events during November. By mid-December, we’re hoping you’ll find your niche, find your groove, find your discipline.

For some of you, discuss & the shot will come naturally, but you might have to work extra hard to claim a place on the 4 x 400 meter relay squad. For others, your thing might prove to be the 100m & 200m, but you might have to spend many hours fine-tuning your high jump technique. Whatever your choice, if you have the right attitude, your coaches are with you 100% of the way. Bring your smile, bring your manners, bring your “can-do” attitude.

Distance runners, many of you did Run Club and it shows. You’re definitely stronger. This afternoon, despite running further & training longer, today was the first session not a single member complained. Impressed. Respect. By now, you should be feeling a little sore. That’s great. It means you’re working harder and pushing your muscles. If you’re not a little sore, it’s pretty simple – either you’re supremely fit, or, you need to work harder next session.


Make the most of every session – be a better version of yourself! For me at age 52, it’s all about maintaining a level of fitness. If I’m truthful with myself, at my ripe age, I’m losing ground to you guys every day. That’s okay though, because every Monday/Thursday I have the pleasure of running alongside you. You guys put a spring in my step… despite the fact I know I will never set another personal best. For you, however, you’ve got 20+ years of constant improvement ahead of you. 20+ years of personal bests (PBs)! Think about that – the chance to get better & better, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year… if you want PBs bad enough. Train smart, bring the right attitude and you will be fitter, faster, stronger!

I had loads of heroes when I was your age; most of them marathon greats like Grete Waitz, Rob de Castella, Paula Radcliffe & Alberto Salazar. Later in life I looked back & found inspiration in Carlos Lopes. At the age of 38, the Portuguese legend ran the Rotterdam Marathon in a then WR, an incredible 2 hours seven minutes and 12 seconds! For you runners who are 12, that’s 26 years of PBs ahead! IF YOU WANT THEM.


*If exercise could be packaged into a pill, it would be the single most prescribed and beneficial medicine in the world (Robert Butler)

Run for life,

Coach Morice

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