June 16th, 2022

Hi Phi, yet another post I neglected to publish.

How’s your June treating you? I hope you’re smiling, healthy & happy.

We can’t believe how mild Japan is. When we left Hong Kong it was hot and humid, very testing running 10km on the trails!

Today marks two weeks since I have been in Japan. We’ve been having a beautiful time, travelling, laughing & making the most of Japan’s amazing cuisine. C has even joined me running, five times!!!!!

So, I hope you’re well and receiving my messages. I’m not sure what is holding you back, especially as I thought we had a magical time together back in 2019.

You needn’t worry about me. I love my job (I have a new contract in Bangkok beginning July 24), love my wife, and love life. Of course I miss your presence in my life, but I have so many things to be grateful for – love, you, family, friends, fitness and health.

You have youth on your side, but I also hope someone close is guiding you. Perhaps it’s Yoko; I always felt that she respected our father-daughter relationship. It’s important to appreciate the simple things in life. We live but one life and it’s too short to lay blame at others for anything and everything. With a growth mindset life’s challenges can make us stronger, bolder and more empathetic to the feelings of others.

We both know that you were old enough to experience all the pain that your mother and I foolishly brought your way. I’m so sorry that I was a part of that. In some ways you were young enough not to grasp what was happening. I don’t seek to lay blame, nor undermine your mother’s love for you. I know she loves you very much, it’s just that love can be blind and suffocating.

When you’re ready, we are waiting with open arms. No one will judge you. No one will blame you. No one will question you.

We just want you to share in our happiness.

Love Dad… XoXo…

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