2018 January – March

Wednesday, January 3rd 2018

Hey Phi,

Happy New Year!

Here’s a song for you…

And here it is in English:


(Special translation for you, Ophelia)

I wish you were here.

I would be smiling beside you.

Many seasons have passed by.

My heart still stays in the memories.


You are no longer by my side.

I thought I might get used to it.

My tears say I will not.

If my wish cannot be realized,

I hope I could be brave enough

To close the door to my memories with you.


I still remember your words.

And the frame you were in.


Like stars returning to the forest,

Things are getting invisible.

Your subtle actions,

And myself with joy in the happy days.


I wish you were here.

I would be smiling beside you.

Many seasons have passed by.

My heart still stays in the memories


You came to my world in an autumn.

I am smiling in the old pictures.

How I could imagine our separation?

I stopped blinking to brand you on my mind.

I miss you.


If only I could hear your voice.

I open my address book and touch your name.


I had a dream.

I saw your back in a black blazer.

You were leaving with someone.

Like stars returning to the forest,

Things are getting invisible.

I remember your subtle actions.

I see only you in my heart, forever.



I just want you to know how proud I am of you. Even when you were a kid, living with me until the age of six, there was something very selfless, thoughtful, and generous about you. You were a Rockstar, Missy Higgins!

I also want you to know that sometimes you will think life is not fair. Perhaps it’s not, but it is what it is. Life is also what you make of it, mentally, physically & spiritually. Do yourself a favor and keep running, keep jumping, keep skipping… run for life. Surround yourself with a small group of honest & supportive friends. And, listen to yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Forgive yourself.

If you’re reading this now, and you’re angry, that’s okay. That’s understandable. By now, you’ve probably been told over & over what an inconsiderate father you have. After you’re done hating me, I will still be beside you, listening. Maybe there’s some truth in the stories. Maybe there’s not.


Can you believe it, it’s Hong Kong. Me & my mate, Stan.

The six-year old I laughed alongside knew there was always two sides to every story. Promise me two things – one, you will reach out to your Australian cousins; they did nothing wrong, like you… and they MISS YOU, very, very much! Two, you will come back and read this again. Some of what you read will prickle your senses, spark fire, bring you to tears. Whatever your present emotions, I feel this will all make more sense to you when you’re older.

Sometimes as you read these letters, it will seem like you’re reading about someone else’s life. I know, at times, as I write, I feel like it’s not my life. I feel like I’m looking in from the outside. There are moments when I feel that this couldn’t have happened, not to me, at least. It all seems so twisted & wrong. But it did happen. It’s real. It’s your life, too. We can’t forget what happened. We can’t forget who we are. We’re family, and you my dear, did nothing wrong. I will always love you. I will always wait for you.

There will be days when you feel like everything sucks, and you don’t want to get out of bed. Sometimes, because you’re so special, there will be days when you feel like you don’t belong. But you do belong. You belong in your mother’s heart, and you belong in mine. You belong. You matter. You need to know that you’re not alone. There’s a whole world out there for Ophelia Hirakawa-Morice.


Ready to rock the bald!

You’re not as different as you think you are. Sometimes your friends just won’t get it. They don’t understand what you’ve been through. They don’t see your true identity. You’re unique, one of a kind. You’re special in my heart & so many hearts. They will say some pretty insensitive things, and just as you did when you were younger, you will be stoic and pretend it doesn’t matter. But it does matter. You matter. You are loved. Loved unconditionally. It’s okay to have a Japanese mother & an Australian father. We both love you. Your mother just needs to let go. She won’t lose you. You’re not going anywhere. You needn’t flee her love.

I don’t know how happy you are. I don’t know if you wrestle with your identity. I don’t know if you’re happy or depressed, brilliant academically or experiencing learning difficulties; anxious or super casual & easygoing, I don’t know, but I wish I could be there for you. I do know that being without your Australian cousins doesn’t help you come to terms with who you are. Your vibrant Nandee & your ever supportive Pa can definitely help. I want to help, too.

I loved being your Dad. It was the best thing in the world. Joyous, satisfying, wondrous. I miss feeling like that. I miss being your Dad.

Someday, when you find the courage to find us, you’re going to learn to be happy with who you are. You may need to be in another place to be happy, and that’s okay. Dad has found peace beside Cc and living away from the capsule of Nippon and the tentacles of Australia.

In another time, in another place, you’re going to meet the right people. I want to be one of those people you can turn to. I want to listen. Hang in there, Phi. Things tend to get a little darker before they get brighter, but they will get brighter. You will find peace… XoXo…

Hopefully, this year, things will get a bit brighter for both of us.

So, Phi, 2018. World Cup again this year, Australia versus Japan! I wonder if you’ll have a soft spot for Australia, or is your flag all blue & white… Another year rolls by…


This morning, I left Australia, the other half of your heritage. Dad said goodbye to Pa at the airport & departed Melbourne at 11am. By 5pm I had arrived in Hong Kong.

Yesterday (Tuesday), Nandee & Pa took me out to the Warburton Trail; Uncle Rich & your cousin, Chris, came along, too. We put the bicycles on the bike racks of the car and rode 28km, Nandee too! At about the halfway point we sat down at a local café for a pie & coffee. Phi, you would have loved the trail, the wind in your hair, the horses, cows, sheep, the smell of eucalyptus, and kookaburras laughing away. The great outdoors. It’s in your blood… family… XoXo…

That same evening, Uncle Rich’s family, your cousins Allie & Chris, and your Aunt Rachel came up to #39 for the last supper, a pizza dinner.

On Monday, Dad had a swim at Uncle Rich’s with your cousins. Would have been grand splashing about with you, Allie, Chris, Luca & Billie. Pa made a lasagna, and we all settled down for a family meal… we all missed you.

Sunday, December 31st Dad drove to into Camberwell; that’s where Rich & Rach live. Then we all jumped in the station wagon, and Uncle Rich drove us to the beach of Balnarring. Your cousins, Dad & Uncle Rich played cricket on the beach. After about an hour, Tim arrived. We headed into the township where we feasted on fish & chips for lunch. Later, we went to see Marc & Cint (Tim’s brother). Tim dropped me off at Camberwell, and then Dad drove to Uncle Sean’s. We played Frisbee with your cousins, Billie & Luca.

At 10pm, we watched the fireworks together. There were loads of families about, and of course I couldn’t help but think of you. I wondered what you were doing, what you were thinking, what you were hoping for in 2018. I hope you’re surrounded by generous friends. Friends you can trust, friends who really listen to what’s in your heart.

I said my goodbyes to your cousins, then drove to Ralph’s for a quiet chat.

Happy New Year, Ophelia… Dad – XoXo…

*Be the hero of your own learning story…

Monday, January 8th 2018

Hey Bella,

This morning Dad went back to the classroom. It was great to see the kids again, and we welcomed two new boys from the US into our class.

Last Thursday, January 4th Dad ran/walked with C & Toro. It was good to get the heart racing after the long flight the day before. Dad started again on his 100 Club of push-ups, crunches & chin-ups. Gotta be happy with that! That same evening Dad made a lasagna dinner for three, but you never showed up… Remember, there is always a place for you at our table… XoXo… Always.

On the Friday, we took a long, long walk/run with Toro. Managed my 100 Club of push-ups, crunches & chin-ups on consecutive days – finally! When we returned home, there was no water, so, no shower. Instead, Dad went down to the basement area with a bar of soap and threw buckets of water over himself… Crazy Dad! Later that same day we went to Mega Box in search of some HNY running gear.

How’s your running going, Zola? I bet you’ve never heard of Zola Budd. She was a South African runner famous for running barefoot, even in major championships… just like you, streaking along the beach bare feet kicking up sand.

Run for life… Dad… XoXo…

Sunday, January 21st 2018


Tomorrow it’s your Nandee’s b’day – Happy B’day! Like a grand wine, she just keeps getting better! I think she turned 74. Younger in body, mind & soul than this time last year, too! Credit to her perseverance, fight & resilience for overcoming that horrid evil that wreaked her body.

Nandee has conquered her health mishaps in style. It was such a pleasure & a privilege to ride part of the Warburton Trail with her on my second last day in Oz – 28km she rode! She’s a ripper, your Nandee. Still inspiring, still asking about you, still nurturing her Ophelia roses in her garden, still believing in you, still awaiting you.

Pretty impressive, hey!? Three generations together… your cousin, Chris, your Dad & uncle, and your Aussie grandparents. Just a shame, our Ophelia, Nandee’s first born grandchild wasn’t there.

Unfortunately, I twisted my lower back this morning. Dame ne! Embarrassingly, I was  just moving our small dining table. Bit of a shock to the system, mentally & physically, to be laid up again and moving around like a 90 year old. I will seek an acupuncturist this afternoon, perhaps a massage, too, even if I do hate massages. Tomorrow I have to coach X-Country, which is going to prove challenging. Never say never! Positive mindset!

Yesterday we walked with Toro, then later in the day I met Cc at the gallery she sometimes manages. We put up a new security camera, enjoyed a beer and watched the punters pass by in a cool part of Mid-Levels, Hong Kong. Friday night, just the two of us opened a gorgeous bottle of 2006 French wine we had received on our wedding day all those years ago. Cc made some garlic toast and we tucked into some Aussie cheese Dad had brought back from Oz.

Last Wednesday, we took the athletics team to a nearby stadium, near Chai Wan. Dad was the starter – loads of fun. This coming Wednesday I’ll take my Under 12 & Under 14 squads to a mini X-Country meet in Stanley Ho, near HK university.

Last weekend, Cc returned from Nippon on the Sunday. Dad cleaned the flat Saturday, took Toro for a good long run up along Cecil’s Ride beyond the Chinese International School. It was quite cold during Cc’s absence, with temperatures dropping as low as 7 degrees Celsius. Freezing for Hong Kong as nearly all buildings lack any form of heating.

Fancy a holiday in Hong Kong? What about an education?

Love Dad… XoXo…

Monday, February 12th 2018

You won’t believe it, there’s a very nasty bug smashing Hong Kong. The education department has closed all kindergartens and primary schools due to the influenza epidemic. Teachers, however, still need to report for duty.

Today, was a good day at the chalk-face, with no meetings, so Dad got loads & loads of work done. I prepared for a math presentation to faculty, created two super cool anchor charts for literacy, and put together my own examples for a NF Expert Topic to share with the kids.

Yesterday I had a run with Toro & Cc. I wish I could say that I’ve got Cc up & jogging, but no, she’s not interested in pounding the trails alongside Dad. “Just happy walking.”

We explored a few potential viewing spots from which to watch the Chinese NY fireworks. When we used to live in Causeway Bay, we had front row seats of the fireworks over Victoria Harbour, but now, despite living on the 21st floor, we don’t have a view of the water. Around midday, we went shopping into the North Point market. Seemed busier than usual with all the locals out shopping too. NP is relatively free of foreigners, so you could assume it’s cheaper that other parts of Honky Town. That’s partly true, but not always – often the supermarket is the same price, and sometimes cheaper. We bought some super foods, blueberries & passion fruit, almonds & walnuts – always a good mix to throw on my muesli.

Saturday I sought a second opinion for my upper respiratory infection. Seems the pollution that abounds in HK has a lot to do with my wheezing and asthma. So, what to do, stop exercising outdoors? Hardly! Also, Saturday night we had scallops in butter, white wine and garlic! Oishii! Do you still enjoy seafood?

Are you still running? I hope so. Friday was the X-Country championship in the New Territories. I LOVE COACHING TRACK & X-COUNTRY! The race was over 4.2km. My U12 & U14 girls came in 3rd overall, but my boys didn’t place. We had some misfortune, with Captain Jack being hit by flu, and Ronan, my equal best U12 boy also suffering from the flu. Next year! It was my first year back coaching at HKIS. For a big school, we don’t go very deep, but after six months at the helm, I feel we can build something pretty special in 12 months’ time.

What are you reading? I’ve got some cracker recommendations for you. I’ve just finished reading the Wild Robot by Peter Brown – 4.5 stars. Then in a strange uncanny twist of events, I read El Deafo – 4.5 stars, a true story by (graphic novel) by Cece Bell. The very next night, I picked up a ripper, Origami Yoda – 5 stars, by Tom Angleberger. While reading the credits in the back of Origami Yoda, I realized Tom Angleberger is married to Cece Bell! Stranger than fiction, I know!

Friday is date night for Cc & Dad, so Friday, February 2nd we went out for French. I had the wagyu steak & Cc had the duck. Exquisite! Gotta love Friday nights!

Alright possum, time to hit the hay… Oyasumi nasai!

Love always, Dad… XoXo…

Monday, February 19th 2018.

Hey Runner,

I hope you’re finding the dedication to train at least three times per week, but more than that, I sincerely hope you pursue the commitment to run for life. Whatever you choose, firstly, you have to enjoy it. That doesn’t mean you love it; it’s complex, like a good relationship. Sure, there will be days when it feels like a hard slog, it’s freezing, and there’s nothing enjoyable about wet socks. Or the humidity zaps you, and the minor injury niggles eat away at your enthusiasm. There are plenty of excuses, if you go looking for them. But the struggles are part of the journey, and it’s the hardships that make it all worth it.

This morning, Dad did his old-man interval training alongside Cc & Toro. Well, more or less. I ran up the hills, up the steps, anywhere I could get my heart rate up & jumping out of my rib cage. I paused to allow Cc to catch up, and catch my breath, then I did my push-ups, crunches & chin-ups. Feels great!

Now, what am I doing, I hear you ask? Well, besides writing to you, my Ophelia, I am just enjoying a slow morning knowing my morning exercise did me the world of good, mentally & physically. I’m also sipping my second coffee, listening to 774 Melbourne on ABC radio, reading my newspaper of choice, and as thoughts fly around between my ears, jotting snippets of my life to you.

Last Friday, February 16th, the first day of the Chinese New Year Holiday, Dad went out to the airport to pick up our guests. On the way to the airport I started reading a recommendation from several of my fifth grade students, The Doll People by Ann. M. Martin & Laura Godwin (3.5 stars, BTW). Jan & Beth had flown in from Chennai, India. We first met them in Cairo, then two years ago, Cc and Dad visited them in Chennai for a Christmas to remember. It’s been a cold winter, well, for Hong Kong standards, made more difficult because our hot water system has been temperamental, and we have no heating. So, it’s beanie weather inside the apartment, too. But Friday, it seemed winter was over as the temperature suddenly rose to 26 degrees Celsius. Where did that come from?!

Because Jan & Beth arrived Friday, “date night” became Thursday last week. To cap off a lovely evening, Dad did a math presentation with HS & MS teachers during the day. For dinner, we treated ourselves and went to a nearby French bistro. Dad had the chicken and French toast, while Cc had the steak & the chef’s dessert.

Wednesday, Valentine’s evening, we packed our hiking pack with wine, prosciutto, cheese, some of Dad’s handmade humus, a baguette, and we hiked up to a place called Red Incense Burner Summit to watch the sunset. It was spectacular. Oh, Phi, your Dad is a lucky, LUCKY, lucky man. There was only one other chap up there; poor fella, just him & his fancy SLR camera.

So, back to our guests from India. Toro & Cc were ecstatic to be reunited with Beth & Jan. Cc had prepared some sandwiches for lunch, so after eating Aussie style – help yourself, we took a wander in & around Northpoint. After our walk, we all took a nana-nap, then we took the bus into Central Mid-Levels. We wandered the streets, admiring the street art and the festive atmosphere, before arriving at a Japanese bar for happy hour. Two of us ordered Sapporo beer, two of us ordered sake, and along with edamame and some scrumptious herbful fries, we had a lovely hour watching the people pass by. That evening Cc prepared an epic sukiyaki with pork, beef & loads of veges.

Saturday morning we all jumped into a taxi, Toro too, and headed to Central pier to catch the 10.20am ferry to Lamma Island. We hiked from one end of the island to the other, grabbed a quick lunch, then headed back for a nap. Late afternoon, we took Jan & Beth up to Red Incense Burner Summit to watch the sunset. Then for dinner, we took our wonderful guests to Little Chili for some scrumdilumptious spicy Chinese.

Dad is still reading kids’ books – love them! Been reading Bunnicula (3.5 stars) – a rabbit tale of mystery by Deborah & James Howe. Now reading The Goat (3 stars) by Annie Fleming.

Tomorrow, we’re going to go hiking with our Canadian mates, Stan & Shawn, we’re planning to hike the 13km stage 02 of the MacLehose Trail over in Sai Kung. Weather looks perfect, 23 degrees though 20% chance of rain. Fancy a Chinese New Year hike with Dad??

Alright, Phi, that’s about all your old man can remember. Till next time! Stay tuned… LOVE Dad… XoX0…

Thursday, February 22nd 2018

Morning Phi, how’s trix?

It’s 9.15am in Honkers and Dad is sitting in the waiting room of a medical centre about to have a full medical. Apart from a little heaviness in my chest, I don’t feel 50. Hope I don’t look fifty, either! Having said that, this cold has a bit of history to it, it just keeps dragging on – at least a month. So, probably after I left it too long, I visited the doc. He told me it was an upper respiratory infection. No big deal, but three weeks later, the same dry cough & weird feeling in the chest hadn’t dissipated. So, with a bit of urging from Cc, I sought a second opinion. The second doctor told me the respiratory infection was likely due to the pollution. Bummer! Anyway, today, I guess we’ll find out more as there will be a chest x-ray, blood tests, etc.

I’ve also got some news that impacts you. We’ve reached out to the Yokohama Family Court again. Apparently, courtesy of Japan signing onto The Hague Convention on Children’s Rights, Japan has grudgingly made some changes. Your mother has “officially” been contacted and evidently encouraged to resume visitation. As there are no consequences for not adhering to the court’s ruling on visitation, we don’t hold much hope.

Fingers crossed, Bella… Love Dad… XoXo…

Sunday, March 4th 2018

Hi Phi, this morning we hiked up beyond Braemar Hill, again. I say again, because nine times out of ten, we hike in the area. Though we often follow Cecil’s Ride (a flatter trail), we also hang lefts & rights, up & down stairs, and sometimes we just follow animal tracks. This morning we found a cool boar trail to follow. After a few scratches to the limbs and more than a few cobwebs brushed from our faces, we emptied out onto some spectacular views. We edged around some pretty expansive rocks that we had spied from below. Beautiful! Of course on our way to the trails, Dad did his usual old-man interval training, tossing in 60 push-ups, 30 chin-ups & 60 crunches with his hill running.

BTW, our wonderful C called the Yokohama Family Court on Monday, February 26th 2018. Here’s hoping… Dad… XoXo…

Tuesday, March 6th 2018


Today, I wrote to your mother:

Not my best effort, I know. I wish you mother could see that family is one of nature’s masterpieces.

We’ve got to believe we can do this; we’ve got to be more than half way there!

Love Dad… XoXo…

Sunday, March 11th 2018

Hey Phi-Fai-Fo-Fum,

How is your weekend progressing? What do you typically do with your days off school? Is Saturday morning devoted to club activities or a long sleep-in? Are Saturday evenings spent with your Japanese family or friends? Do you sometimes still head up to Nagano for horse riding? Any passion projects? Painting, sculpturing, pottery, poetry, green projects?

This afternoon I ran to Park View to pick up Toro. The Cairo-Cross had spent the weekend as a therapy dog in Stanley. Toro is a great buddy to Stan’s daughter, Hayden. The lucky pooch even gets to sleep on Hayden’s bed!

Yesterday morning Toro & I ran to Tai Tam, then jumped into a taxi to Stanley. In Stanley, I met Stan (no pun intended) & Toro spent the night with Stan’s family. Then I raced back to North Point because Dad had his Fantasy draft from 3pm. Always great fun, Skyping Sean, Allen & Ash, and chatting with Rich, Evan, Jamie & Sandy.

Friday night was date night, so Cc & Dad went to a Korean restaurant.

Oh, and during the week, I called the Yokohama Family Court. Unfortunately, not much to tell. Just leaves me feeling numb & terrible. The only thing I learned is that it appears your mother has changed addresses. Just as well we send all your gifts to your Japanese grandparents. Do you receive our gifts?

So, as a natural pick-me-up, I ran Friday afternoon, then again Thursday with my school mates MaryAnn, Alex & Stan. On top of that, Wednesday, Dad ran home from Tai Tam.

Tuesday, my kids hosted Restaurants R Us. It’s an awesome financing a business simulation that Dad has used since his Cairo days. It’s pretty complex, so I’ll tell you about it when I have my laptop between us.

Monday, we had a field trip to a Hindu Temple as part of our unit on World Religions. We’ve already visited a mosque and a synagogue. Now that X-Country and Track & Field have finished their seasons, I have re-started my Faculty Fitness; unfortunately, there were just 6 people sweating alongside your Dad.

Love & licks,

Dad… XoXo…

Thursday, March 21st 2018

Hey Phi,

It’s early evening here at the Tai Tam campus. Tonight is Saint Baldrick’s, a community fund raising project where participants shave their heads in solidarity with children with cancer. My class alone has raised an incredible 10,000USD! At this point in time, Dad is sporting a rather embarrassing afro; pretty simple really – just don’t add any hair jell.

Alright, time for a haircut… love Dad… XoXo…

March 20th 2018

Another letter to the Family Court of Japan:

I have waited for Ms. Ishijima to contact me for many years now, hoping she would respect the court’s decision. Because I received no news, I continued to visit Ophelia’s school when they had open school days. In 2015, I was not allowed to enter the school as Ms. Ishijima asked the school authorities and the police to prevent access.


My family in Australia often talks about our beautiful memories with Ophelia. Sadly, some members of my family have already passed away. Ophelia’s Australian cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends have not seen her since we visited Australia together in 2008. My family have told me repeatedly to never give up on Ophelia. Therefore, I have decided to ask for your support.


I contacted Ms. Ishijima at her email address: XXX

Basically, I politely reminded her that I can be reached at the same e-mail address, which has been used since well before our separation. However, my e-mail sent in March, 2018 was again ignored.


Over the years of court & mediation, I have understood that Ms. Ishijima has no intention of respecting any court agreement:

  1. She has ignored the agreement on co-parenting guidelines for our daughter.
  2. She has ignored the decision made by Yokohama Family Court in 2009 regarding the changes in custody and visitation.
  3. She has ignored the Tokyo High Court decision in 2013.


I have been patient with the court’s decisions. I have even given Ms. Ishijima time and space to come to terms with the two courts’ decisions. Even before Ms. Ishijima appealed to the High Court for the 2nd time in 2012, she had for years been ignoring the courts’ decisions, and had stopped sharing any information regarding our daughter. As such, I believe I have a right to know at the very least, basic information on my daughter’s status as outlined below.


  1. Address: where and with whom she lives
  2. Telephone number
  3. E-mail address
  4. School name: my daughter will become a high school student in April 2018.
  5. School results
  6. School schedule


I hope the importance of co-parenting will be truly understood by Japanese people in the near future. It is extremely important for the social & emotional wellbeing of multicultural children like my daughter.


Please contact me on XXX or at XXX I often cannot reply to phone calls while I am teaching, but if you leave a message, I will call you back as soon as possible.


Gerard Morice.

Sunday, March 25th 2018

G’day Phi,

Sitting down watching West Coast Eagles versus Sydney Swans. It’s round one, 2018, Footy is back! There’s plenty of niggle at the opening bounce as Nic Nat (Natenui) is back after over a year out with an ACL knee injury. He’s quite the legend, a once in a generation player. Someday, I’ll tell you all about him. Natenui is up against Lance “Buddy” Franklin, another incredible athlete for a man of his size. He’s already kicked three goals and the first quarter isn’t even over.

Yesterday was the AFLW grand final between the Western Bulldogs & Brisbane Lions. Aunt Lauren & Tish were there supporting the Doggies, and on a wet and windy Saturday, the Doggies got up. Tish will likely play footy. She’s fast, tough & determined. You?

Your book voucher cards are sitting here in front of me. There’s 10,000 yen for you to spend on a few books of your choice. On the front of each card is the photo of you and your cousin, Luca. It’s a classic cousin photo.

This morning Dad & Cc again headed up beyond Braemar Hill with the pooch, Toro. On our way back we grabbed a coffee at 7/11. Dad did his regular jiichan interval training, running the hills & stairs, 60 push-ups, 20 chin-ups, 60 crunches, 40 dips & plenty of lunges.

Last night we enjoyed Indian in a nearby Indian restaurant. We had samosa, cheese nan, chicken butter curry & the saag paneer.

Friday night, Dad joined his G4 colleagues on a night hike over the Dragon’s Back. It was Stan’s birthday, so we took a few nibbles with us. We saw fire flies, several frogs, and some beautiful sea hawks soaring as the sun set.

Thursday night, Dad joined five of his students in braving the shave for Saint Baldrick’s – supporting children with cancer. Niamh, one of my girls with long hair & four of my lads rocked the bald, raising over 10,000USD!!!

Also Thursday night, Carlton & Richmond kicked off the 2018 AFL season at the Mecca of football, the MCG in front of over 90,000 fans. The Baby Blues were brave and played a much more attacking style of footy (compared to the past two seasons), and with only 13 minutes remaining were only a point or two behind. In the end, we lost by around four goals. Dad’s new favorite player, Charlie Curnow starred with five goals, and my other favorite, 23 year old Patrick Cripps had 35 possessions, 25 contested!

This coming Tuesday, we’ll take the kids to a local synagogue as part of our unit on learning about World Religions. Earlier this month we visited a Hindu Temple in Happy Valley.

Next weekend, it’s Easter, so Cc will also have Good Friday & Easter Monday off week. We’ll take the turbo ferry to Macau and spend a night at the Sheraton.

I love you & miss you more & more everyday… Dad… XoXo… Never stop learning because life never stops teaching…


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