Time we went jogging together



Though I may never carry you on my shoulders again, I hope we go jogging side by side.


Though we may never ride to school together again, I hope we climb mountains, watch sunsets and swim in the ocean again & again.


Though we may never read another book before bed together, I hope we go to the theatre soon.


Though I may never cut your fingernails again, I hope we can cook together.


Though I may never bounce you on my knee again, I hope we hug again & again.


Though we may never draw pictures beside each other again, I hope we visit art galleries & museums together.


Though we may never play dress-ups again, I hope your dad can take you shopping again & again.


I love you Phi… XoXo…




*Hope we can celebrate your 17th birthday together… It’s eight long years since we celebrated together…

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